Mahatma Gandhi's book in English

Ever have a desire to know something more about Mahatma Gandhi. May be you search internet, go to library,read many books written on him...But I think the best way must be his own creation. Gandhiji wrote many books. Some of them published at his presence and some of them after his demise.i will list out 5 immensely popular books written by Mahatma himself.

Mahatma Gandhi's book in English

1. The story of my experiment with Truth-1927

His Autobiography. What can be more relevant than a Autobiography . Started from his initial childhood days , Gandhi takes you through his trials and turmoils and situations that gave structured to his philosophy of life. Going through child marriage, his studies in England, practing law in South Africa and his satyagraha there to the early beginning of independent movement in India.Translated by Mahadev Desai.

2. India of my dreams-1947

If you ever wonder,what could be the Gandhi's idea of new India! Then this book is for you. Apart from revolutionary ideas of non- violence Gandhiji verbalized his very definitive ideas on politics to religion and sex education and parenting. Many of his thoughts which were neglected are today adopted and practiced.

3.constructive program-1941

One more book on nation building and this one is a movement within. Through this book Gandhiji appeals workers or non workers or volunteers that the non-violence is the way of winning Poorna swaraj. This book is all about his idea of communal unity, Removal of untouchability, khadi , Adult education, women empowerment, farmers and labours. A must read.

4. Village swaraj- 1963 by Navjivan trust

Way before the idea of punchayti Raj or self government, Gandhiji pioneered the idea of community development or rural development. This book reflect Gandhi's view on different aspects of rural life including agriculture, village industry, transport, basic education, health and moreover hygiene. He believed it must be based on Indian condition and tradition. My personal favourite. 

5. Ethical religion- 1907

Last but not the least, this one is all about the relation between morality and religion. How our whole idea about religion must be shaped by our morality.Read it if you wanna know about Gandhi's view on religion.

These books are milestones in its own. For guidance and governance to religion and ethics, Gandhi teach us the way of living ,like he said " My life is my advice". Enjoy these readings...until then keep smiling..


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