How to prepare current affairs for civil service

8 steps to prepare Current affairs for civil service

Current affairs preparation for civil service examinations is getting tougher and relavant day by day, no matter you are preparing for UPSC or state PSC or any other government exams. But to ace it on the go is not that much challenging . With 8 steps we discussed below makes you a champion on current affairs preparation.
How to prepare Current affairs for civil service

Step 1:-

Mug up syllabus and previous year question papers-
Syllabus is as crucial as your journey towards civil service . Even more than Laxmikant!! Yes that's true . Previous years question papers are too decisive about what is relevant and what's not. By adding syllabus and question papers ,you become a master in filtering out what is important ,when you are reading newspapers or other sources.

Step 2:-

With every static note leave some space to insert related current affairs to that. It will help you to link current affairs to static part.

Step 3:-

When you see something closely connected to civil service - don't just dive in ,Think and ask yourself a question that " in which topic ,it comes from ? " It may be environment, politics or history . Then catagories it. Use this trick especially when reading newspapers .

Step 4:-

After catagories that topic ,think that can I put this information in mains answer writting ? If yes, then it's significance is much higher. Mark that. How would you know it's a relevant topic or not ? The answer is step 1.

Step 5:-

Limit your sources but not knowledge-
See, there are a lots of sources available at this juncture within your diameter. How do you know ,that it is the best one! The answer is there is - No best sources but a strategy !!
                     Startegy comes from practice. Like you can't skip The Hindu, the primary source. One magazine or one useful web portal. Try to read 5 best magazines and websites on civil service for a month. Then choose one magazine and one website. Belief on that, stick to that.once again ' Limit your sources but not knowledge', when you are in preparation. 

Step 6:-

Use schematics, graphs and diagrams to compress the data. It will be very convenient during last mile revision for prelims and mains.

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Step 7:-

Separate notes for pre. and mains -
Like you know prelims is very extensive in nature and mains is so intensive. By segregate notes, it become handy and to-the-point. Leave some space in both to update it in future. Some bits are so important for prelims (like date,demishes,awards) but doesn't seems relevant for mains. What you do ? You have separate them from the mains notes. It will help you when you are running out of time.

Step 8:-

(Especially for prelims)
Basic current affairs - like important dates, Awards, demishes, index etc. These are mark fetchers. Make a separate notes and try to revise it before sleep, everyday.

Current affairs preparation for civil service isn't burdensome or challenging after you follow these 8 steps . What you have to do , is to mark those which are relevant, which are related to syllabus ,then it will be fun. A mark builder. 

            Read ! Read ! Write ! Revise ! Revise !


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