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Coronavirus update : ITI Berhampur has prepared low cost kit for corona warriors

ITI Berhampur team has prepared low cost "Aerosol boxes" and "Face shields" for Corona warriors. Aerosol box defends healthcare workers from COVID19 patients face,mouth and nose during endotracheal intubation. ITI Berhampur designed and developed Aerosol boxes from 4mm transparent acyclic sheets.
"Face shield" is also an important equipment for healthcare workers during service. ITI Berhampur developed "Face shields" from A4 transparent shield with foam lining and elastic band. Easy to manage.

Going another step ahead, @ITIBerhampur has prepared low cost 'aerosol boxes' & 'face shields' for medical professionals involved in treatment of #COVID19. — Skilled in Odisha - OSDA (@skilled_odisha) April 28, 2020
Odisha's coronavirus cases reach 118 with 80 active cases and one death recorded till 10am, 28 April. 37 pateints recovered.

Airtel sign $1 billion deal with Nokia to expand network capacity.

Nokia will emplace 300,000 new radio units across the country by 2020. Airtel sign $1 billion deal with Nokia's SRAN solution to emplace new units across 9 circle in India. It'll benefit in boosting network capacity and 5G  next generation network deployment.
"This is an important agreement for the future of connectivity in one of the world's largest telecom market," said by Nokia.
By far India is the second largest telecom market in the world with estimated reach up to 920 unique costumers by 2025 - according to GSMA

SpaceX's Starship spacecraft passed a crucial pressure test.

Starship SN4 survived a "Cryo pressure test"late Sunday night (April 26) at SpaceX's south Texas site, near the village of Boca Chica, CEO Elon Musk announced.
Vehicle filled with frigid liquid nitrogen to set up a similar atmosphere like Mars. It can now progress to the engine test. Musk said ," SpaceX aims to conduct the static fire test later this week."

Snowing in Texas — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 27, 2020
Starship is an ambitious Mars colonization project by Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX. By succeeding "Cryo pressure test" it's now setting a stage for a test flight in future.

Special Liquidity Facility for Mutual Funds announces by RBI.

RS 50,000 crores Special Liquidity Facility for mutual funds announces by RBI. "Liquidity strains have intensified in the wake up redemption pressure related to closure of some debt Mutual Funds and potential contagious effect therefrom," said by RBI.
This decision came after US based Mutual Fund giant Franklin Templeton shuts 6 Indian fund. Due to coronavirus pandemic there is a capital market volatility and less liquidity lead to lesser confidence between investors. Therefore RBI trying to build confidence between investors by special announcement.

Odisha reaches 103 COVID19 cases.

With 3 new cases from Sundargarh district Odisha's coronavirus cases tally stands at 103. "23 year male,60 year male and 57 yr female from Sundargarh (Rourkela) takes COVID19 cases in Odisha to 103. 33 people are recovered now. 69 active cases and one death," I &PR dept. twitted.
Health Update, 26th April

03 New Positive Cases in Sundargarh (Rourkela)

23 Yr Male, 60 Yr Male & 57 Yr Female

(Two are confirmed close contacts of earlier positive case. One is a suspected contact)

Total Positive Case: 103

Contact tracing and followup action is being done. — I & PR Department, Odisha (@IPR_Odisha) April 26, 2020
Odisha govt. will now allow shops registered under Odisha shops and commercial Establishment Act,1956 to open within municipalities and municipal corporations with conditions. Shops in multi brand and single brand malls will remain closed. Shops will working in 50% human capacity with prescribed social distancing norms to be mandatory. Mask, gloves are mand…

Shops on residential areas to open with conditions from today.

Relaxation aren't applicable to hot spot areas and containment zones. Shops in single and multi brand malls are remain closed. "All registered shops registered under shops and Establishment Act of respective states /UTs , including shops in residential complexes , neighborhood and Standalone shops exempted from #lockdown restrictions," the ministry of Home affairs said .

#COVID19 update
All registered shops regd under Shops & Establishment Act of respective States/ UTs, including shops in residential complexes, neighborhood & standalone shops exempted from #lockdown restrictions.

Prohibited: Shops in single & multi brand malls — Spokesperson, Ministry of Home Affairs (@PIBHomeAffairs) April 24, 2020
Masks ,gloves and other social distancing norms will be mandatory with 50% of staff only allowed. Public transport remain closed.
Malls,gyms, liquor shops, bars,sports complex remain shut for now. E-commerce companies are only allowed to …

What is Unlawful Activities (prevention) Act ?

Let's get straight to the definition that says " An act for more effective prevention of certain unlawful activities of individual and association and for matter concerned therewith,". 
The act assented on 30th December ,1967 and amended 6 times till now. The recent 2019 amendment remain matter of concerned for many intellectuals, which we'll discuss further. Before that lets know "what exactly UAPA act says..?

It extends to whole of India. The act defined ''unlawful activities" and "unlawful association" broadly. As per the act "unlawful activities", whether an individual or association ,means any action taken by such individual or association (whether by words, either spoken or written,or by signs or by visible representation) intended to disrupt the soverginity and territorial integrity of India.
"Unlawful association" means any association, which has for its object any unlawful activity, or which encourage or aids …

Coronavirus will kill more Americans than Vietnam war.

More than 49,000 people have died in US, according to John's Hopkins University. It looks very feasible that more Americans will have died by this time next week of covid19 than 58,000 ,died in Vietnam war. Vietnam war was a conflict in Vietnam ,Laos and Cambodia from 1 Nov,1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 Apr,1975. A 19 years long war caused over 58,000 deaths of American side.
As per now US covid19 tally reaches 890,000 confirmed cases and over 50,000 deaths. 82,112 recovered. More than 26 million people applied for unemployment benefits in US, which is highest since great depression.
Coronavirus world tally reaches 2.71 million cases and 191,000 deaths.

Maharashtra, Delhi and Gujarat comprises 49.5% of total covid19 cases in India.

According to latest updates from Union health ministry 23,077 have been affected by covid19 , while the death toll is 718. Maharashtra, Delhi and Gujarat recorded 11,420 cases accumulatively. Which is 49.5% of total cases.  Maharashtra's total active covid19 cases stands at 6,430 . 5,307 active cases and 283 deaths due to covid19 recorded till morning ,24th April. Delhi recorded 2,376 total cases, in which 1,518 are active cases and 50 people died due to virus. Gujarat's coronavirus tally reaches 2,624 total cases. 2,254 active cases and 112 deaths. India's covid19 cases reaches 23,077 till date .17,610 active cases and 718 deaths. Recovery rate increases to 20.8% with 4,749 patients recovered from the disease.

SpaceX successful lunched 60 Starlink satellites into orbit.

Four time fliers Falcon 9 rocket lifted up at 3:30 p.m. EDT(1930GMT) from lunch pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy space centre. "There are now 420 operational Starlink satellites," Elon Musk twitted.

There are now 420 operational Starlink satellites πŸ›° πŸ˜‰ — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 22, 2020 This is the 84th Falcon 9 flight to date, make it the most flown US rocket in use today. This four time flier having started his career by launching the Crew-Dragon Capsule on its first journey to space station in 2019, an uncrewed flight called Demo-1.
Watch Falcon 9 launch 60 Starlink satellites → — SpaceX (@SpaceX) April 22, 2020 Starlink is a satellite constellation project being carried out by SpaceX to provide satellite internet service. It will consist of thousands of small satellites in Lower Earth Orbit, working in combination with ground receiver-sender device(Transceiver).

National Civil Service Day - A day of introspection for civil servants.

Every year on April 21, National Civil Service Day is being observed in India. On this occasion for civil servants to redevote themselves to the cause of citizens and prolong their commitments to public service and excellence in work. This day is conscript to commemorate ,first home minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's declamation to the probationers of administrative service official on 21 April, 1947 at Metacalf house, Delhi. On that day Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel described civil servants as ' Steel Frame of India'. First Civil Service Day was held at Vigyan Bhavan on 21 April, 2006 on that behalf.As a part of the day prime minister fellicate civil servants for excellence in service. It brings together civil servants to connect eachother.
History of civil service in India Warren Hastings laid the foundation of civil service. But the actual refome, modernization and rationalisation was started by Charles Cornwallis, called as 'the father of Civil service'. Cornwalli…

US decision to stop green card granting is likely impact to thousands of Indians.

More than 2 lakh Indians are in line to get a family sponsored Green card , according to Us citizenship and immigration service (USCIS).

"We want to protect our US workers, and I think as we move forward, we'll become more and more protective to them," Trump said.

"By pausing immigration, we will help put unemployed Americans first in line for jobs as America re-opens." — The White House (@WhiteHouse) April 21, 2020
As US suspended the issuing of new green cards for next 60 days, it is likely to impact thousands of Indian nationals waiting for their Green cards. America has a provision to issue 1,40,000 Green cards on employment base. In 2019 9,008 Indian received catagory1 , 2,908 received catagory2 and 5,083 Indian received catagory3 Green cards

"This pause on new immigration also help to conserve medical resources for our citizens as we fight this virus,"- Trump added.

India fall down two places to 142 in Press Freedom Index .

India fall down to 142 in Press Freedom Index released by RSF(Reporters Without Borders).

India with 45.33 points ranked 142 ,which is two places less than previous year. " No murder of journalist in 2019 than 6 in 2018 but constant press freedom violation, police violence against journalism," organisation said.  As per RSF index is heavily affected by the situation in Kashmir, hate campaigns against journalist in social media who dares to speak or write about subjects that annoy hindutva followers and also criminal prosecutions to gag journalist critical to authority,with section 124A (sedition). India ranked below Bhutan(67) and srilanka (127). Norway with 7.84 points top the chart followed by Finland(7.93) and Denmark (8.13). USA secured 45 position with 23.85 points.
RSF -Reporters Without Borders (also known as Reporters Sans Frontiers) formed in 1985 is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation working to safeguards rights to freedom of information. Head quarter at P…

Jungkook joins Barack Obama in a twitter record club.

Kpop idol BTS jungkook became second person to get two million likes in several twitter post after Barack Obama.

Jeon jungkook became second person in the world with two million likes on multiple tweets at the end of #BangBangConDay1. BTS idol known for his charming voice also became the first Korean idol to sell over 100000 copies in US in just 57 days.
#BTS's #Jungkook, The World's 2nd person with 2M Likes On MULTIPLE Tweets, Trends In 39 Countries At The End Of #BangBangConDay1 and #MyTime becomes fastest song by a Korean Idol to sell over 100,000 in the US!πŸ‘πŸ‘¨‍🎀πŸ₯ˆ2️⃣Ⓜ️❤️πŸ’₯3️⃣9️⃣🌎πŸ”₯πŸŒŸπŸ‘‘ @BTS_twt — World Music Awards (@WORLDMUSICAWARD) April 19, 2020
 Jeon jungkook's 'My time' became the first song by a Korean idol to sell record amount of copies in US. It's the 3rd song in Map of the soul:7 album. ' Euphoria' also reaches 130million streams. Cheers!!

Prakash Raj to continue his humanitarian service even after a depleting financial resources.

My financial resources depleting .. But Will take a loan and continue reaching out . -Prakash Raj

From 300/month street plays to one of the finest actor in India film industry, Prakash Raj is currently engaged in serving people amidst of lockdown. Prakash Raj's foundation been serving food to more than 1000 people and look after to his employees.  My financial resources depleting .. But Will take a loan and continue reaching out . BECAUSE I KNOW ....I CAN ALWAYS EARN AGAIN.. IF HUMANITY SURVIVES THESE DIFFICULT TIMES. .. #JustAsking πŸ™Let’s fight this together.. let’s give back to life ..a #prakashrajfoundation initiative — Prakash Raj (@prakashraaj) April 20, 2020

The renowned actor/director also adopted two villages kondareddypalli, Telengana and Bandarahatti, Karnataka yeras ago. He contested  Loksabha election from Bangalore central as an independent candidate last year.

239 complaints related to domestic violence between March 22 and April 6 - National commission for women

239 complaints related to domestic violence registered between March 22 and April 6 lockdown in India. India: 50 helplines are functioning for women as per PTI.  Look after this issues many cricketers and bollywood celebrities released a video to urge victims to 'break the silence' . Cricketers like Mithali Raj, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma shared an important message amid lockdown. Let’s together pledge to bring a #LockdownOnDomesticViolence and report it — Mithali Raj (@M_Raj03) April 19, 2020
"If you have been a victim , witness on a survivor of the domestic violence,please report," Virat said on video. Bollywood celebrities like Farhan Akhtar, Shabana Azmi also showed up to share an important message.

UPSC prelims-2020 is not cancelled. Date will be decide after May 3

Union minister Dr. Jitendra Singh announced that decision on UPSC prelims-2020 date will be decide after May 3.

New Delhi:UPSC prelims has earlier scheduled on May 31. But there's a uncertainty due to covid19 outbreak through out the country about the conduct of exam. In a press release union minister Dr. Jitendra Singh announced that decision on date will be decide after May 3 and the exam date will be decide in such a manner that it gives sufficient time to all the aspirants to reach their designated examination centre.
Previously in a statement released by UPSC on April 15 it stated that exam will not be cancelled. Commission put on hold to IES(Indian Engineering Service) and ISS(Indian statistical service). 
The new date will be announced on commission's official website. Those who have applied should check the official website.

Do India need to universalized of PDS system for right now ?

Centre has announced 5kg of grain-rice or wheat to 800 million beneficiaries under the PDS system, but large number of population out of NFSA faces difficulties due to lockdown 2.0. National Food Security act ,2013 includes a series of programs like Mid-day Meal scheme, Integrated child development scheme, PDS etc. NFSA requires 75% of rural coverage and 50% of urban coverage, but the coverage is based on 2011 census . After 9 years population the population has been incresses but the coverage remain same. As per Jean Dreze's argument the real coverage is around 60%.
Targeted Public Distribution System (TDPS)  delivers rice in 3rs/kg, wheat 2rs/kg and coarse grains 1rs/kg in subsidised price . This price can be revised after 3 years upto MSP(minimum support price) - as per NFSA.
Many renowned economist like Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, Abhijit Banerjee and Raghuram Rajan suggest for universalizsd of PDS upto 5-6 months.

Is ' One Direction' planning a comeback ?

" We have been speaking a lot more at the moment," - Liam Payne

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" I'm not allowed to say too much obviously , because I'd be giving it away. But we've been speaking a lot more at the moment ," Payne replied to Corden's question " Are there plans for you guys to do anything to celebrate 1D's 10 anniversary milestone,".

Liam also said that - they're feeling that 10 years is a very special moment and his face time with Niall and Louis. He also performed " Midnight with Alesso" on the show.

Directioners went mad when Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry started following Zayn on twitter earlier.

India surpasses 15,000 covid19 cases

India surpasses 15,000 covid19 cases with 14.19% recovery rate till Sunday morning.
With 1,334 new cases were reported in last 24 hours India crossed 15,000 covid19 cases. 27 death were reported in last 24 hours . Total death tole due to virus take up to 507,union health ministry reported. ICMR ,main controlling body reported 600 higher than health ministry with number 16,365 cases .
Highlights:- * 22 districts in 12 States have not reported any new case in last 14 days.
* Recovery rate improving to 14.19% from 13.85% on Saturday.
* Maharashtra recorded over 3,600 cases , which is highest in country.
* More than 4000 cases are related to Tablighi jamaat , ministry reported.

Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland lights up with Tri- color to show solidarity

Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland Alps brighten up with more than 1000 meter big Indian flag to show solidarity in India's fight to contain covid19 pandemic.

Prime minister Narendra Modi also twitted " The world is fighting covid19 together. Humanity will surely overcome this pandemic".
"A big thank you to @zerwatt_tourism for the gesture" Indian embassy to Switzerland twitted.
The whole creativity was performed by Swiss light artist Gerry Hofstetter . He has been lighting up 4,478 meter peak between Switzerland and Italy with displays of flags of different nations to express solidarity to the nation fighting covid19 pandemic.

US witness a record over 4591 fatalities due to covid19 in a single day

World wide more than 21 lakh people have been affected by coronavirus.

US , lockdown restrictions extended as the country witnessed a record 4591 death due to covid19 in 24 hours. Stay at home advisory extended to may 15 as per now. Source- the wire

India revises FDI policy to protect domestic firms

To ensure prevent unwanted investment advantages , especially from China ,India revises it's FDI policy. 
"Opportunistic takeovers or acquisations of Indian companies due to COVID19 pandemic ", the ministry said.
The earlier FDI policy was limited to allowing only Bangladesh and Pakistan via government route in all sectors ,now extended to China. Automatic route for now will not be an option for foreign companies to investing in India for now. They have to seek permission of Indian government for investment in domestic firms .
Revised policy is applicable for large scale shareholders only , that's basically 10% and above.